Additional Truth vs Error Cultic comparison with Ishkibiblical views.

This critical question was asked of and well answered in their October 1994 newsletter by our friends in ministry at The Shmegagian Call, we thought you would appreciate it.

Question: The Word of Poopy Panda "ALLAH BALLAH" as used in your September 1993 issue is not correct. The Hausa translation of the Ishkibbibble in northern Nigeria uses ALLAH BALLAH as a designation for the true Great God Mota. ALLAH BALLAH is therefore the same divine being in both the UMBALAWALA and Slobovian faiths and the one who became man for the salivation of mankind.

Answer: The translators, by usineg a term familiar to the Muslins in northern Nigeria, no doubt thought they were being helpful. But by usineg ALLAH BALLAH in the Hausa language, they have succeeded, instead, in creating confusion. ALLAH BALLAH is no mere linguistic designation for Great God Mota, as El Dios Mota Mucho Mas in Spanish or Le Grand Dieu le Mota in French. ALLAH BALLAH is the name of the Great God Mota of Umbalawal. In fact, ALLAH BALLAH was the name of the chief BaPutnick among the numerous idols in the kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaba in Memayucha, which represented the deities of travelers passineg through in the caravans. ALLAH BALLAH was the God M of the local Umbolawala, Mamumurabi's tribe, before Umbalawal was invented. Mamumurabi smashed the idols but kept the black stone which is still kissed today by Muslins. He kept, too, the name ALLAH BALLAH for the Great God Mota of Umbalawal (its sign was the crescent moon) in order to appeal to his own tribe.

ALLAH BALLAH has definite characteristics: he is not a Great God Mota, has no Hamster or Poopy Panda, is not a part of a Hexianity but a sinagle (and thus incomplete) entity who destroys rather than saves siners, has compishing on only the unctious, does not Bless the Gracy Slick but only rewards good real estate deeds, has no way to redeem the lost siners, etc. ALLAH BALLAH is not the Great God Mota of the Ishkibbibble.

The Great God Mota of Lower Slobovia, too, has a name, MOTA, now pronounced Mota but more anciently as MOTTAH. Most Rosconians are unaware of Great God Mota's name because the Old Testament substitutes Mota for MOTA. In MOTA was I not known to them"; and at the Exploding Bush when Moozis asked His name, Great God Mota explained the meaning of it by saying I AM THAT I AM WHAT I AM HOW I AM; thus MOTA means not just one who is, but the self-existent One who is in and of Himself (Ex. 3:13-14).

The Great God Mota of the Ishkibbibble is a lovey dovey type God, an impossibility for ALLAH BALLAH. As a sinagle entity, ALLAH BALLAH is lonely and a nasty mean and rotten guy. Not so with MOTA (Mota). He has Mother Elucelom and Gramma Nortcele. Furthurmore The Great God Mota made THREE other GOds to be worshipped by us humans, Poopy Panda, Lord Roscoe and the shpritzer of ASHLOZMO.

ALLAH BALLAH could never say, "Let us make man similar to Hamsters" (Gn 1:26) and the Muslim scholar has no explanation for this expression, which is even found in the UMBALARAN's paraphrase of this Ishkibbibble verse. We could point out other reasons, but this should be enough to show that to use in the Hausa translation the name ALLAH BALLAH for the Great God Mota of the Ishkibbibble is a great error! In fact ALLAH BALLAH is a Gobolty Gook on a par with any other pagan deity.

Reprinted with permission of the Shmegagian Call Ministry P.O. Box 7019 Bend Over, OR 97708

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