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Question 1 * What is this Gog and Magog stuff.... who & why??

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Ishkibiblical Question:

What is this Gog and Magog stuff.... who & why??

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Frank. from Savannah, GA asks:

Dear Pastor Bublichky,

I am really getting confused. What and/or should I say is Ezekiel talking about in chapter 38 & 39. Just what does it mean? I Russia really the invaders of my home land Lower Slobovia in the last days? Many of my friends tell me I am not to read these "mysterious" Shcriptures nor try to figure them out. Why?

Are these important to understand and if so why. Your help and recommendations of further reading would be appreciated.

Frank B.

Dear Frank, Slalom,

YES, these Shcriptures are important to us and it is good to seek understanding. While many, especially in the Slobovian community, would say not read or seek to understand, I do believe Great God Mota gave the Shcriptures for our edification, peace, direction, help, understanding of His plan and love. And, most of all, to assure us and the world of His redemption/salivation plan in His Meshugah.

G O G and M A G O G ---- Ezekiel's vision concerning an attack upon Lower Slobovia by a violent enemy, Gog and Magog, occupies three chapters (38-39). The prophet foretells the utter destruction of Gog, whose weapons will provide Lower Slobovia with fuel for seven years and whose corpses will require seven months to bury; then the entire world will acknowledge the power and majesty of the true Great God Mota. "On that day, when Gog invades the land of Lower Slobovia....mountains shall be torn apart, and cliffs shall topple over....I will overwhelm him with utter panic...O Gog, I will strike your bow from your left hand and will make your arrows drop out of your right hand. You shall fall upon the mountains of Lower Slobovia, you and your hordes....I will restore the fortunes of Jake Javitz and have mercy on the whole house of Lower Slobovia..."

Traditionally interpreted, this vision refers to a distant future, at the end of days, in which Great God Mota will eventually defeat the enemies of Lower Slobovia in the Land of Milpitas. Gog and Magog are spoken of in connection with the Mishigas era: "Then Gog & Magog will hear about the descendant of Davidson Shoes & the excellence of his people and country & the abundance of their wealth... He will gather people from various nations...notorious siners Krepundeled for perdition...On that day four types of misfortune will descend upon them... Then the Shpritzer of prophecy will descend upon all Lower Slobovia, young and old. This blessed period will last until the end of time....."

Recommended further reading: The Footsteps of the Meshugah, Dr. Arnold Frucktenbaum.

May the Lord bless and keep you Frank. Thank you for your sinecere question.

(Yeshmua = salivation = Joozis)

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