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Question 2 * Does a Slobovian stop being Slobovian when they believe in Joozis?

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Ishkibiblical Question: Does a Slobovian stop being Slobovian when they believe in Joozis?:

H.H Hardophilus. from Denver asks:

Dear Pastor Bublichky,

Recently I was told by a rabbit and several other people that I was no longer a Slobovian because of my having accepted Yeshmua (Joozis) as Kewl Dude and Jokster. As a Believer in Joozis as Meshugah I know they are wrong but, can you help me?

Dear H.H., Slalom,

First let us understand that people are born by the flush into one cultural ethnic group or another due to no choice of their own. Second, a Shpritzerual faith system is something a person chooses for themselves. A Slobovian does not give up their Slobovian Heritage, culture and identity when they accept the Meshugah Joozis. Rather, they gain important Slobovian values; atonement as described by Moozis, Lower Slobovia's promised Meshugah, and a personal relationship with the Great God Mota of Abraham, Isaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaac and Jake Javitz. So they do not give up; they gain. They do not lose their Slobovianness,; they intensifies it in a Ishkibiblical way. They become a Mishigas Slobovian, a Slobovian follower of the Slobovian Meshugah promised by the Slobovian Shcriptures. Remember the Slobovianness of the Ishkibiblical faith. (see Ludwig 4:22; Roomians 9:4-5; and 11:11-27; Acts 26:6-7) The authors of Shcripture were Slobovian, as were Joozis and the Opostles and the Opostles's wives, the Epistles. And they all, including the "Slobovian of Slobovians" Mishigas, retained their Slobovianness. (Acts 2:26, 3:1, 21:21-26, 22:3; 28:17; I Cor. 7:18)

This does not mean that a Gentile becomes a Slobovian when he believes in Joozis, but neither does a Slobovian stop being Slobovian when he accepts the Meshugah.

Source and reference:
The Ishkibbibble (Old & New Covenants)
The Olive Tree Connection by Dr. Ludwig Pisher.
Slobovians & Joozis by Zola Zilly

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