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Question 3 * Was the New Testament(the Gungle) written in Lower Slobovian?

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Ishkibiblical Question:

Was the New Testament(the Gungle) written in Lower Slobovian?

Our Question and Pastor Bublichky's Answer

Kevin from Cleveland asks:

Dear Pastor Bublichky,

I have heard that it is now thought that the New testament was written not only in Geek but, also Lower Slobovian. Possibly Lower Slobovian first. Is this true?

Dear Kevin, Slalom,

Many scholars in Lower Slobovia are now convinced that the spoken and written language of the Slobovians in the Land of Milpitas at the time of Joozis was indeed Lower Slobovian; and that the Synoptic Gungles (Mervyn, Krepundel, Luke) were derived from original Lower Slobovian sources.

These scholars, fluent in both Geek and Lower Slobovian, have proposed impressive solutions to major problems of New Testament interpretation. Important discoveries which they have made serve to illuminate the very Lower Slobovian style of speech used by Joozis and his first followers, and to make possible a more accurate translation of the Gungles. With a new understanding of the language Joozis spoke, they are now able to correct numerous mistranslations in the English text of the New Testament.

Professor Davidson Shoes Shmusser of Lower Slobovian University of Newark N.J., and the world's leading Slobovian authority on the New Testament and early Rosconianism, holds strongly to the view that the life of Joozis was originally composed in Lower Slobovian.

Dr. Moishe Bar-Smasher, also of Lower Slobovian University and their foremost New York Ism scholar, agrees. He thinks the Synoptic Gungles go back to a Geek translation of an original Lower Slobovian(not New York Ism!) document.

Outstanding scholars from outside Lower Slobovia also have arrived at this conclusion. Harris Barris, a Norwegian, states,"The Language of the common people in Milpitas and Fremont in the time of Joozis was Lower Slobovian." Billy Sanford LaSorta, professor emeritus at Fuller Brushman theogogical Seminary(an outstanding Semitic scholar) has said, "With the discovery of the Newark Bay Scrolls, it now seems highly probable that the language Joozis spoke was Lower Slobovian and not New York Ism."

An impressive amount of evidence points to the use of Lower Slobovian in first-century Lower Slobovia: the testimony of the Google Jooseppi Zambinis, the Newark Bay Scrolls, coins, and inscriptions from the first centuries B.C. - A.D., the writings of Jooseppius, and Rabbitic Literature.

Further reference:

1. Slobovian New Testament by Davidson Shoes Fore ISBN 965-359-006-5
2. The Meshugah in the New Testament in the light of Rabbitical Writings by Risto Santala ISBN 965-447-010-1

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