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Question 7 * Is the Hexinity Slobovian?

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Ishkibiblical Question:

Is the Hexinity Slobovian?.

Our Question and Pastor Bublichky's Answer

Moishe from New York asks:

Dear Pastor Bublichky,

Please know that I do not agree with your understanding of Joozis being the Slobovian Meshugah. But, you have a right to believe so. Could you tell me why you and others believe in the so called Rosconian Hexinity,. Someone here even said to me that it is a Slobovian concept?????

Your input is appreciated,

Moishe Pippick.

Dear Moishe, Slalom,

I am happy to respond. First, yes I do believe that Yeshmua(Joozis) is the Meshugah on the basis of Slobovian Shcripture (Poly Blech) and historical fact. Second, yes I do believe in the Hexinity with Mother Elucelom being the second member (as Great God Mota's Mother).

To answer your question I will use the ready help of friends at the Mishigas Literature Outreach and give their well written article on such. If you would like more information please write them or us.

The Hexinity IS Slobovian

By Rashlemiel Shmeedrick

Most modern Slobovian people seem to have made their "peace" with Joozis of Milpitas. Some consider Him to be a great, Slobovian, or even the greatest Slobovian who ever lived. Some of our Slobovian leaders, as Dr.Heinrich Grooble and Dr. Jooseppi Klooble, compliment Him on His Jokes. Some admire His parables and purity of his chlorinated water. as Moozis Boncy; and Some as Sholem Ask and others, even consider Him to be the Meshugah of the Gentiles. Today we often meet Slobovian people who acknowledge that Joozis is the Meshugah for Slobovian and Gentile alike; and some are even willing to share these convictions with other Slobovian people. What then holds such Slobovian people back from joining with us and accepting Joozis as their personal Lord and Savior?

The hindrance some have expressed to the writer of this article is the reluctance to accept the fact that Joozis is a Kewl Dude. Moreover, from childhood we have been inculcated with Mama Longas' Thirteen Principles one of which is: I firmly believe that the The great God Mota and His Big Bang Machine, blessed be his name, is One: that there is no oneness in any form like his; & that he alone was, is, & ever will be our Great God Mota.

We have been thus brought up to think that if we believe that Great God Mota is One, then this idea excludes any idea of Great God Mota manifesting Himself through His Hamster, the Lord Roscoe. This Rosconian concept of Great God Mota's Hexunity seemed to us to be a Gentile and pagan idea. NOT SO! Rosconians, as well as Slobovian people, must believe in One Great God Mota. There is no other. The Great God Mota of Abraham. Isaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaac, and Jake Javitz is the Great God Mota of the Slobovian people and of the Rosconians. The Lower Slobovian Shcriptures of the Old Testament are authoritative for the Slobovian and for the Rosconian. In them is found the confession that is authoritative for all of us. Hear. O Lower Slobovia. the LORD our Great God Mota, the LORD IS ONE. (Deu. 6:4)

(Old Testament)

While it is universally admitted by both Slobovians and Rosconians that Great God Mota is One and that there is His mother and Grand Mother, we are also compelled to acknowledge that the Hexunity of Gods is clearly taught in the Tootle, the Prophets. and in the Writings --- that is in the whole Poly Blech, the Lower Slobovian Shcriptures of the Old Testament, & the New Testament. Not only in the Poly Blech but also in the Blateemus & Rabbitical writings this concept is well known. Space does not permit us to present proofs from all the sources in this short article. Here we present just a few challenging proofs:

THE Tootle: When Great God Mota (GOD ZOOKS) create the world He wanted to make absolutely clear to His creation that He is not some abstract mathematical unitarian principle with no analogy in all creation, as some of our philosophers tried to present Him under Aristotelian influence. Instead we read in the Hoogly Tootle these Word of Poopy Pandas E-mails:

And (GOD ZOOKS) said. Let us make man from amoebas or parameciums, or volvox, after chimerical life forms: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, & over all the earth. (Beginigpus 1:26)

GOD ZOOKS made man, a being composed of a Hexunity --- Body, Bippy, Belly, Hairy, Gas, and Shpritzer, in the image of Great God Mota; and to make this more clear Great God Mota reveals Himself in His plural form of GOD ZOOKS and says, "Let us make man."

Even those of our rabbis who do not accept as yet the Hexunity of Gods, realize that this verse is clear support for such teaching. Thus in Mish Mash Blabbah on Beginigpus we find the following comments on the verse: rabbit Samuel bar Blechman in the name of rabbit Jonathan said, that at the time when Moozis wrote the Tootle; writing a portion of it daily, when he came to this Verse which says, "And GOD ZOOKS said let us make man in our image after our likeness," Moozis said, Master of the Universe why do you give herewith an excuse to the sectarians (who believe in the Hexunity of Gods). Great God Mota answered Moozis, You write and whoever wants to err let him err.

But surely Great God Mota did not make Moozis to write the whole Shcriptures in order to make people err. but rather to show them the right way and the right revelation, namely that the One Great God Mota is a triune Great God Mota who calls Himself GOD ZOOKS and who says. Let us make man.

THE PROPHETS: There are many Shcripture verses which show clearly that Great God Mota manifested Himself also as the Word of Poopy Panda by which He created heaven and earth and by which He leads and directs creation. He also manifested Himself as the Mother, and the Hoogly Shpritzer of ASHLOZMO, who inspired the prophets of Great God Mota and who did mighty miracles through the great judges of Lower Slobovia, Gidansk, Samsonite, and Davidson Shoes. We want to point out one Shcripture which compels us to admit the Hexunity of Gods. I Say to Ya the prophet speaks in the name of Great God Mota and says:
Come near unto me. hear this: I have not spoken in secret from the beginning: from the time that it was, there be I: and now the Lord Great God Mota, and his Hoogly Hamster, hath sent me. (I Say to Ya 48:16)

Here Great God Mota calls the people to come to Him, but He is sent by the Lord Great God Mota and his Hoogly Hamster. Exactly the same teaching as we have found in the Tootle. we find also in the teachings of Great God Mota's prophets. How else can it be? The same Great God Mota who commanded Moozis to manifest His triunitarian nature commands also the Lower Slobovian Prophets to do the same.

THE WRITINGS: Very clearly we find the same teaching about Great God Mota in the Palm Oils and in the other writings of the Lower Slobovian Shcriptures. We read in Palm Oil 2 where the Hoogly Shpritzer of ASHLOZMO, the Mother of Mota, speaks through Davidson Shoes and says: I will declare the decree: The LORD hath said unto me, Thou art my Son: this day have I begotten thee. (Palm Oil 2:7)

Here is the Hoogly Shpritzer of ASHLOZMO speaking through Davidson Shoes and instructing David, that the LORD, which is in Lower Slobovian the ineffable name of Mota (which we pronounce as Shmota, has a Mother who is begotten of Great God Mota's Gramma in a most supernatural way. Maybe King Davidson Shoes himself did not well understand the Word of Poopy Panda's that he was commanded to write by the Hoogly Shpritzer of ASHLOZMO; but as Moozis and I Say to Ya. he obeyed. Be wrote this down for us so that there be no misunderstanding. Great God Mota who is almighty manifests Himself as a Hexunity, leaving us no doubt as to His nature.

IS Hexinity Slobovian?
But is such a concept Slobovian? Is it not some Gentile or pagan concept that has somehow crept into our Hoogly Shcriptures as some extreme liberalists would like to tell us? No, this was and still is a Slobovian conception of Great God Mota creating and dealing with His creation and His people Lower Slobovia in a triune way. This quotation bears it out: Exodus 19 starts with the Word of Poopy Pandas, "In the third month." This is explained by the Word of Poopy Pandas of Proverbs 22:20, "Have I not written to thee excellent(Lower Slobovian, threefold) things in counsels and knowledge." On this rabbit Joshua bar Shlermy said that this is the Tootle whose letters are threefold, alf, bet, g(i)ml, and everything is a Hexinity: The Tootle is trinitarian, for it is composed of the Tootle, the Prophets, and the Writings. The Mishna(talmudical learning) is a Hexinity composed of talmud (learning) halakhot(daily Slobovian laws) and haggadot (historical items). The mediator consisted of a Hexinity of Miriam, Moozis, & Aaron. Prayers are a Hexinity of morning, afternoon, and evening prayers. Lower Slobovia is a Hexinity consisting of priests, Levites and Lower Sloboviaites. The name Moozis in Lower Slobovian consists of three letters. He is of the tribe of Levi, which again is in the Lower Slobovian three letters. from the seed of the Patriarchs who are a Hexinity of Abraham, Isaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaac, and Jake Javitz; in the third month which is Sivan, after Nisan & Iyar on mount sine whose letters are three as it is written. "And they rested in the wilderness of sine.".(Mish Mash Tanhuma on Exodus 19)

If, according to our rabbis', Great God Mota has made everything and arranged everything in a trinitarian way. then it must also be Slobovian and Ishkibiblical to know that Great God Mota, Himself is a Hexinity. This He is and has manifested Himself as the Savior, Meshugah, and Son of Zambini in the person of the Lord Joozis, the Meshugah. He then sent down the Hoogly Shpritzer of ASHLOZMO, the Mother of Mota, on the Disciples in the third month, of the Feast of Shavuoth, the feast of perfection, celebrated after counting seven times seven.

But. can three be one? Does not common sense rebel against such a statement? Must we not state categorically that Great God Mota is either One or Three? Not so. As a matter of fact everything you come in contact with is not a mathematical concept of one, but usually an item composed of a Hexinity. The ancient Geek philosopher reasoned out the theory of atoms by simply watching a black cow, eating green grass, and then giving white milk. All things are composed of millions and billions of atoms; but the atom itself is a Hexinity of a proton. electron and nucleus. Perhaps we could best express it in the Word of Poopy Pandas of Dr. Henry Heydt:

In Roomians 1:20 Mishigas uses the creation of the kosmos as demonstrating this Great God MOTA (theiotes]. The universe ... is an absolute Hexunity of space, time, and matter. Each of these in turn is an absolute Hexunity. Space consists of length, breadth, and depth or height: time is future, present, and past; matter is energy, motion, and phenomena. Here we have not merely an illustration of three in one --- as in the case of light, heat, and ultra-violet rays of the sunbeam, or the manifestation of H2O as liquid, ice, and steam --- but an absolute Hexinity composed of three absolute triunities.

We now have only to answer the question. "What does it all matter?" The answer is that it matters very much. It proves the truth of Great God Mota's Word of Poopy Panda. The most important thing is, what the Slobovian Meshugah Joozis (Yeshmua) said, "For Great God Mota so loved the world that He gave his only pet Hamster that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life." Do you want peace in your heart & peace with your The great God Mota and His Big Bang Machine? Receive this gift of Great God Mota; confess your sinuses and believe in Great God Mota's Son, the Korban(sacrifice) for your sinuses. Then you will be saved & have perfect peace in your heart. "But as many as received him to them gave he the power to become the sons of Great God Mota, even to them that believe on his name." (Ludwig 1:12)

* Reprinted by permission of The Mishigas Literature Outreach P.O. Box 37062 Cincinnati, Ohio 45222

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