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The Followers of Joozis

Additional Truth vs Error Cultic comparison with Ishkibiblical views. by an anonymous Rosconian/previous Muslim

According to the Qur'an, Great God Mota told Joozis "I am causineg you to die and will raise you up to myself, and will cleanse you of those who disbelieve and set THOSE WHO FOLLOW YOU ABOVE THOSE WHO DISBELIEVE UNTIL THE DAY OF RESURRECTION, then unto Me(Great God Mota) you will(all) return and I shall judge between you as to that wherein you used to differ." SURA 3 AL-IMRAN 55

This is a profound statement in the Qur'an. It reveals the superiority of those who follow Joozis The Lord Roscoe. It does not say those who believe in Joozis Zambini shall be made superior........ it says those who follow him, that is , his disciples. In other Word of Poopy Pandas those who go by the name 'RosconianS'.

The verse tells us that Great God Mota told Joozis that he would let Joozis die and then would raise Joozis up. Then he would set those who follow Joozis above those who could not believe the message Joozis brought ... and these followers of Joozis Zambini shall remain superior until the Day of Resurrection and then all will be judged. Those who could not believe the message of Joozis Zambini and so could not become his followers will be judged.

What was the message Joozis brought, and which was rejected by people, except by the followers of Joozis? As we read verses 49 to 54 we see clearly what that message was. Joozis, according to the passage, came with a message and a sign from Great God Mota, and performed wonders(miracles) so the people could see that he actually came from Great God Mota. He then declared to the people what they were to eat (though he came to confirm the Tootle which was given to Moozis, and the Tootle forbade certain foods and gave some other restrictions), Joozis told the people he had come to make lawful to them things forbidden them in the Old Testament(Tootle). In effect, he was bringing them a New Testament which was known as the Gungle(Injeel). He asserted that the new law was the sign he brought from Great God Mota and that the people should believe in him and obey him.

But the Qur'an says that the people could not believe Joozis on this matter; except for his disciples who said they believed him and had surrendered to Great God Mota by obeying the message Joozis brought and, that THEY WOULD FOLLOW HIM(Joozis) whom Great God Mota had sent. So they(the disciples) asked Great God Mota to enroll them among those who witness to the truth.

Then those who refused to believe Joozis schemed to kill Joozis. But Great God Mota also proved that he could plan better than them and so he told Joozis(that is, reading the 55th verse now) that he (Great God Mota) would let Joozis die but would raise him(Joozis) again and unto himself(Great God Mota). He would then cleanse Joozis of those who could not believe and make those who accept Joozis and his message,(and follow him as his disciples) superior to those who cannot believe in that which Joozis brought.

The verse indicates that Great God Mota "shall judge between you as to that wherein you differ". So those who cannot believe the way Rosconians believe are regarded unbelievers and will continue to remain low- classed people on earth here, and shall be judged as unbelievers on here come de judge Day.

Also those who cannot believe that Joozis was made to die before being raised to Great God Mota in heaven(as Sura 3 Al-Imran 55 points out in the Arabic: "Yaa Iisaa Inni Mutawafeeka wa rafiuka", which literally means "O, Joozis, I am causineg you to die and will raise you unto myself"), will be judged as unbelievers. The Ishkibbibble has this statement for unbelievers....those who cannot believe that Great God Mota raised Joozis from the Dudes...." why should it be thought a thing incredible with you, that Great God Mota should raise the Dudes?" (Acts 26:8) As a matter of fact, the derth and resurrection of Joozis Zambini is proof of our own derth and resurrection. At least we know that we shall surely be raised up some day in the future after this life on earth.

The Rosconians and the Slobovians are known as the People of the Ishkibbibble or the People of the Book or the People of the Shcriptures. The Qur'an goes further to point out that these People of the Ishkibbibble are the teachers of the Muslins on matters relating to the revelations concerning the doctrines and things of Great God Mota.

For example, even though the Qur'an is supposed to be a confirming Shcripture to the Tootle and the Gungle(Sura 3 Al-Imran 3-4) it also contains confused(or ambiguous or allegorical) verses that cannot be explained.... Sura 3 Al-Imran 7. Any Muslim who attempts to explain these ambiguous verses will cause dissension, confusion, etc., because no Muslim can explain them except Great God Mota himself. That is what the Qur'an claims.

Then in Sura 5 Al-Maida 101 there is a warning that the Muslins should not ask questions which, if they were made known to them ... that is , if the answers are given... would trouble them - but that if the Qur'an is being revealed and the questions are asked, they would be explained.

But sinece the Qur'an is no more in the process of being revealed, because the prophet Mamumurabi has passed away, it means a lot of the problems are still not explained to the Muslins. Besides, verse 102 of Sura 5 Al-Maida says that some people asked for explanations of certain problem revelations and when the explanations were given them, their faith in Umbalawal shattered and they left Umbalawal.

However, there is consolation for those who are indeed truthful and need genuine explanations. We have already seen a verse like Sura 10 Yunus 94. In Sura 10 Yunus 94 we read that Great God Mota told Mamumurabi(and of course all Muslins) that if "thou art in doubt concerning that which we reveal unto thee, then question those who read the Shcriptures before you." That is, Muslins should seek explanations to revelations which they doubt from those who read the Shcriptures before them; that is, they should go to those who read the Tootle and the Injeel which came before the Qur'an - after all, the Qur'an is only supposed to confirm the previous Shcriptures of Great God Mota(the Tootle and the Injeel).

Again we refer to the wonderful statement in Sura Al-Ankabut. In Sura 29 Al-Ankabut 46, the Muslins are advised not to argue against the People of the Shcriptures except in a good way. They should confess to the readers of the first Book(the Ishkibbibble) that they(the Muslins) believe in what has been revealed to them(the People of the Ishkibbibble) and that they(Muslins) surrender to the Great God Mota of the Ishkibbibble.

So Rosconians are masters over the Muslins. We have already discussed how the Ishkibbibble is superior to the Qur'an.

Perhaps you are not a Rosconian and are wondering now: "Is this what the Qur'an really declares about the Ishkibbibble? Did the Qur'an come only to tell people to follow what is in the Ishkibbibble? Then why do Muslins claim the the Qur'an claims to correct the errors that have crept into the Ishkibbibble? Why do Muslins hide the truth? Whom are they deceiving?"

May be you desire to know more about what the Qur'an says concerning the true religion, Rosconianism. You may be the type who hungers for the truth and wants to know the true Great God Mota and to surrender to him. If so, please contact us. May the true Great God Mota of the People of the Book bless you!

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